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Harris Tweed KINGS™


Harris Tweed is an extraordinary material.
Well, the authentic stuff we use in our frames is!


The fibres are alive and can move over time. This
may result in a slightly fluffy-look on your
KINGS™ arms. 


You can either keep this look, or trim it off as
and when with a pair of sharp scissors.




Denim KINGS™


Just like a pair of good jeans, our denim will
give a worn look over time. Occasionally, some
fraying or loose ends may show.


Although completely personal-preference, 
you can choose to leave the worn-in look or 
trim back with a pair of sharp scissors.


Beauchamp Blazer


A fine blazer requires little up-keep. But
now and again, you may want to know how to 
take good care (or how to not ruin) your stunning


For the ultimate results, always send off for dry-cleaning.


For all other times, bear in mind your
Beauchamp has a premium wool-blend and should
be treated as such.


From experience, we know that you can either hand
or cool wash the blazer. But please ensure you
dry it horizontally to stop any stretching during
the drying process.


To iron, you are perfectly safe to use a high-heat
(though we recommend a medium) steam iron
to get travel creases out.



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