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Handcrafted from select cuts of certified wood to produce a unique, personal and eye-catching frame of the highest quality. The KINGS™ frame by Sporting Hares prove that the process to attain perfection is just as important as the end result. Fitted with Polarised lenses with 100% UVA and UVB anti-shatter filters, our KINGS™ are perfectly safe to hack out in.

Dark Denim


Handrcafted, your KINGS™ are unique and personal. When not being worn, store them in your Sporting Hares case. To clean the lenses, use the supplied Sporting Hares lens cloth. To clean the arms, warm water will do. Never use any sprays, substances or harsh cleaning products. With wear, the Harris Tweed and Denim arms may become fluffy. Either keep for a worn-in look or trim with a pair of scissors for a tidy look. 

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